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If you are a follower of cult sneaker brands, you probably already know what the hot & fashionable trends of this year are, right? And it is not surprising that the Nike JD1 brand is a hunting target for young people. The "national" sneaker line Nike Jordan 1 has recently officially become an immortal symbol of the young Street Style enthusiasts & is known as the symbol of 21st century street fashion thanks to its hugging foot form design. , absolute softness and smoothness. MIX COPPER WITH JORDAN 1 LOW & HIGH 'EXTREMELY QUALITY' FOR YOUNG Jordan 1 brings two popular designs (High - high neck & Low - low neck), with a variety of colors, suitable for many styles of clothing, bold casual, so it's easy to match and confirm. the unique character of the "owner" In order to properly represent the "quality" of the Jordan 1, the sneaker-holic brothers need to coordinate according to the following [...]

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Yeezy shoes are not only the spiritual "child" but also the "golden egg" chicken of the famous brand Adidas. That is why all the most attractive things are attached to the design of this super product. And the glow effect that young people are transmitting to each other and how many samples have that essence? Let's find out in the article below. When sneakers are more than just an accessory. It helps you to assert your own style and personality. Have you ever thought about becoming the focus of the crowd? Have you ever thought that all eyes are on you? Then let Yeezy glow "with you". Yeezy Adidas is one of the product lines developed by high-end sports shoe brand "3 bricks" and rapper Kanye West. With unique design, pit design, diverse color palette and "affordable" price. These sneakers are always out of tune on the shelf. LIST OF LIGHTING YEEZY SHOES ARE FAVORITE FOR YOUTH TODAY [...]

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How to measure ring size when buying online?

Many people when buying online online, especially ring products, are afraid, especially when buying, they will not fit, to help you feel more secure in buying on our website energiahidraulica, they I will guide you how to measure your hand size quickly and accurately: There are 2 ways to measure ring size Method 1. If there is a ring available, please measure the diameter of the ring (note measuring the diameter of the heart) and then notify the shop of the diameter measurement. There are 2 ways to measure ring size Method 2. If you do not have a ring, cut a sheet of paper that is 3-5 mm wide and sufficiently long. Wrap your hand tightly and mark it with a pen, then take a ruler for the length of the ring (follow the illustration). Then divide by 3.14 to get the diameter of the ring. If you do not have a ring, cut a sheet [...]

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Experience choosing and buying silver jewelry for your baby

When you buy anything for your child you also need to care about the safety of the item when they use it. Especially with silver jewelry for children you need to pay attention to the following issues: Pay attention to the material of the jewelry When buying jewelry for children, you need to be very careful when choosing materials that are safe for children, it is best not to use cheap jewelry because when wearing jewelry, especially cheap ones, children can be contaminated with toxic metals in concentrations hundreds of times over. According to the scientists who have studied in Chinese-made jewelry has a very high content of cadmin. If lead is toxic to humans when exposed to high concentrations, cadmium is even more poisonous, even in small amounts, causing kidney, bone and liver diseases. This metal is also known as a carcinogen. Pay attention to the material of the jewelry And when these trinkets are scratched or [...]

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How to prevent silver jewelry from becoming black

In order for silver jewelry to always be shiny, not black, fly color or tarnished energiahidraulica please share with you some tips below. How to prevent silver jewelry from becoming black Do not wear jewelry 24 hours a day or throughout the week. Take off your jewelry when you do housework, play sports or do other physical tasks to avoid scratching them. Even the hardest rocks like diamonds can break if they are hit hard enough! Note when using cosmetics, because chemicals in cosmetics can adversely affect the beauty of jewelry. Soap, liquid, makeup powder, perfumes, sprays ... all have the ability to create stains that are difficult to wash on the surface of jewelry. Ideally, if you get these substances on your jewelry, you should wash them off right before they can cause a reaction. Never allow jewelry stones to immerse in solutions containing salt, detergents, and especially chlorinated detergents. These substances are able to corrode the [...]

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