Golden rule for gentlemen when wearing men’s loafers

//Golden rule for gentlemen when wearing men’s loafers

Golden rule for gentlemen when wearing men’s loafers

Referring to the name “men’s loafers”, your mind must have come up with very funny ideas like these shoes for lazy gentlemen. The name is derived from the great convenience of this divine shoe when you do not need to tie the shoelaces, can be easily inserted and walked immediately.

With a simple, sophisticated, and elegant design, no less luxurious and personality. Lazy shoes are suitable for all events such as going to work, meeting customers, going out, attending parties … However, you need to pay attention to the following principles to help you use men’s lazy shoes properly, durable and beautiful.

Pay attention to the material when choosing shoes

A 100% genuine leather men’s loafers will help you to be completely confident and exude your elegance and elegance. Therefore, the selection of a beautiful men’s loafers is not only dependent on the style and color, but the material is also considered as one of the priority factors. To avoid spending a large amount of money but the quality of shoes is not as expected, you need to know how to distinguish genuine leather and imitation leather. Just observe the following characteristics carefully:

– Real leather surface will be slightly rough, with natural skin texture.

– Real skin usually has good elasticity, so when you press and remove the skin with your fingers, the skin will quickly restore its original state.

– Genuine leather surface will be softer and more natural than imitation leather.

A pair of men’s loafers with all the features on the same delicate seams combined with a smooth, premium inner lining will be the premium men’s loaf you are looking for. Choosing the right pair of beautiful men’s loafers with real leather material not only protects your feet but also gives you a classy and luxurious look.

Use “invisible socks” or take advantage of the “sockless” style when wearing men’s loafers

Men’s loafers when combined with your high socks will be monstrous, right. Lawa Store revealed that one more privilege for men to use high-quality men’s loafers is that they don’t need to wear socks. To ensure the convenience of these high-end men’s shoes, boys do not need to spend time wearing socks but only need to put their feet gently on the shoes to be able to walk confidently.

However, if you do not wear socks, many gentlemen will have trouble with leg sweat. For gentlemen who are having problems with sweating or to limit the unpleasant odors caused by wearing shoes in hot and humid weather, do not forget to use a powerful assistant, “invisible socks”. This is a sock with a fairly short neck, just a little higher than your heels. Therefore, these special socks are more suitable to wear with high quality men’s loafers than normal high heels. In addition to limiting odors, avoiding moisture, “invisible socks” also help you reduce foot pain when wearing men’s lazy shoes and moving a lot.

Clean shoes every day

To protect your all-road companion, don’t forget to clean and maintain them with care, especially for men’s loafers made from leather. Cleaning and cleaning the high quality leather men’s loafers will help them be more durable, shiny and give you a sense of confidence with your partner.

If you want to become strong, when going on a date or walking, you can choose men’s loafers with colors such as brown, blue, red … combined with jeans and a T-shirt. For office gentlemen who often appear at parties, perhaps black loafers are the best choice. The perfect pair of square-toe black loafers combined with khaki trousers or pants, a shirt or suit will help you exude courtesy, masculinity, elegance and stand out from the crowd.

If you already know the rules about loafers, why don’t you come to Lawa Store to get yourself a trendy pair of men’s loafers right away?

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