How to prevent silver jewelry from becoming black

In order for silver jewelry to always be shiny, not black, fly color or tarnished energiahidraulica please share with you some tips below. How to prevent silver jewelry from becoming black Do not wear jewelry 24 hours a day or throughout the week. Take off your jewelry when you do housework, play sports or do other physical tasks to avoid scratching them. Even the hardest rocks like diamonds can break if they are hit hard enough! Note when using cosmetics, because chemicals in cosmetics can adversely affect the beauty of jewelry. Soap, liquid, makeup powder, perfumes, sprays ... all have the ability to create stains that are difficult to wash on the surface of jewelry. Ideally, if you get these substances on your jewelry, you should wash them off right before they can cause a reaction. Never allow jewelry stones to immerse in solutions containing salt, detergents, and especially chlorinated detergents. These substances are able to corrode the [...]

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