List of the best Adidas running shoes today

//List of the best Adidas running shoes today

List of the best Adidas running shoes today

adidas-running (1)

adidas-running (1)

At the end of 2018, adidas launched 4D technology on Futurecraft 4D products and was rated as the most popular running shoe, behind only Ultraboost. If you are looking for one of the best adidas running shoes available today. The following Adidas running shoes will follow our reviews, to make it easy for you to make a decision.

Adidas UltraBoost

UltraBoost is adidas’ most popular running shoe, since the launch of the ultraboost has remained unique to this day.

UltraBoost 19 ‘Raw Khaki’ With its modern, quiet and lightweight ultraboost device, the ultraboost 19 has been upgraded to Primeknit 360 compared to basic Primekint, covered in the shoe body to ensure breathable and elasticity. With a moderate price not too expensive so ultraboost is the best choice.

4D technology

4D technology includes: Futurecraft, ZX4000, AlphaEdege, ZX2k, .. is a new technology launched in recent years, but 4D products are always appreciated for design and 3D printing by Digital technology. Light Synthesis of Carbon 3D has also been shown. 4D technology products all support running very well, so I put them together.



Adidas PureBoost

As a running shoe that optimizes comfort and a simpler design compared to the two products above, Pureboost still uses primeknit fabric but thinner than ultra, and of course boost technology but is designed more compact than boost. according to me feel no shoes by ultra.


With a low price, the compact design is easy to coordinate with sportswear. So PureBoost is popular and is the choice for those on a low budget.

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